Psalm 106:1

Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.

Current Students

Mira Lutfi (Year 1 Student) 

I really enjoy studying Maths. I really love my teachers and my classroom is always bright and colourful. My teacher is so nice and she always gives us presents from the prize box.

Marie Ann- Year 11 Student 

Although I had been attending St Bishoy college for a long time, I had started my senior years at another school in order to 'broaden my horizons' and essentially have a better chance at succeeding. However, it wasn't long before I realised that St Bishoy was my best chance at doing well. The experience is unlike any other, as it not only encompasses a wonderful education system, but also a sense of unity and community that cannot be found elsewhere. While it may be lacking in numbers, St Bishoy makes up for it in the thorough learning provided and the willingness the teachers have to help. I, of course, inevitably returned; and it is a decision I am very proud of.

Jovan- Year 11 Student

The reason for my return to St Bishoy’s was because after being here for a longer time it starts to feel like home, like a place you can lay all your problems and find a solution either with the teachers or your fellow peers and that’s something that I could not find in my previous school. Being a student at St Bishoy’s for a number of years has developed me into the person I am today

Rand Sheesha- Year 12 Student

This school has taught me a lot. The staff and the school environment is very welcoming and positive. For the first time since I arrived in Australia, I have enjoyed the companionship of seeing and meeting new friends in St Bishoy.

The teachers and principal are the best. They help a lot and greet everyone at the school each morning with a smile. I saw this school as the best school because they have everything that students need such as a subjects, doing sport, having free time, and having a nice library.


Nadine Roffaell

I attended my last two years of high school here and I must say it had a big impact on who and where I am today. The teachers are so supportive and have so much care for their students. We had a small class which I loved, as it enabled the teachers to give us 1 on 1 attention. This was something crucial for me, particularly for my last years of schooling. Lastly, being surrounded by kind and humbling people made school a comforting and enjoyable place.

Justina Iskander (Alumni and Staff member) 

I came to this school when I was younger during the most formative years of my life and am now back as a teacher giving back to this wonderful community that gave me so much. As an ex student, I can confidently say that St Bishoy College provides a warm, engaging and familial environment. Now as a teacher, I am able to appreciate more the spirit of service, humility and genuine love and care that exists among all the staff here.


Rin Pras (ex. parent)

Beautiful school with only one objective to help our children succeed in life.

Ledya Aldakhlallah (Parent) 

I really enjoyed the care that the College would provide especially being a new migrant and makes the change into a new educational system so easy. The teachers are very compassionate and understanding. They make a great commitment to helping my daughter study and achieve.

Mrs Popovic

My kids started attending St Bishoy College back in 2011 and since the first day we felt welcomed and supported. School is keeping strong Christian values and has a large familial community bond between all of its members. Smaller class sizes allows enough attention to each student. Teachers are willing to provide extra support to students even outside normal school hours.