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Principal's Message

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me  

It is a privilege to be the Head of this amazing School and I am indeed blessed to work with a wonderful staff group and students who never cease to surprise me.

What makes St Bishoy College different? At St Bishoy we prepare students to model the Lord Christ Jesus and to be exemplary adult citizens who give back to their community. We focus on preparing for a life beyond school. In doing this, we aim to expose our students to academic, spiritual and social challenges that shape their character in a nurturing and caring environment. Our aim is the trinity of service whereby we intentionally allow people to thrive in a holistic sense – emotionally, physiologically, physically, academically. It’s about all of those things that form together to make a fully formed human being.

The Christian heritage that we promote at St Bishoy informs everything that we do. It is the inspiration for our mission and our purpose. We seek to lead by example and we focus on the rich experience of following the story of Christ Jesus as our inspiration. As in Christ’s example, all are welcome at St Bishoy and we embrace all in our diverse community. Every student can find a place at St Bishoy and thrive irrespective of interests, skillset or capacity.

All are welcome at St Bishoy and we embrace all in our diverse community.

We are very excited about our future and we invite you to share this journey with this.

We take full confidence in the truth that we can truly do all things through Christ who strengths us.  


Michael Atteya


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