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Term Dates 2024

Lent -Term 1: 11 week (11 Week Teaching Term)

31st January (Wed) Students return to school Years 1-12 

1st February (Thurs) Kindergarten students commence school

12th April (Thur) Last day Term 1 for students and teachers 

* Western Easter Good Friday 29th March, Easter Monday 1st April

* Eastern Easter Last Friday Great Fast 26th April, 28th April Palm Sunday and start of Passion Week 3rd May Good Friday.    

* Eastern 5th May Resurrection Sunday and Eastern Monday 6th May (School closes during this time)

Pentecost - Term 2: (8 Week Teaching Term)

25th April (Thur) ANZAC Day Public Holiday

7th May (Tues) All students return to school 

28th June (Fri) Last day Term 2 for students and teachers

*Monday 10th June King's Birthday Public Holiday.


Theotokos - Term 3: (10 Week Teaching Term)

23rd July (Tue) All students return to school 

27th September (Fri) Last day Term 3 for students and teachers


Advent - Term 4: (9 Week Teaching Term)

15th October (Tue) Students return to school 

11th December (Wed) Last day Term 4 for students 

*7th October Labour Day Public Holiday 

Holiday Dates for Students

Term 1: Mon 15th April to Mon 6th May inclusive (ANZAC Day Public Holiday).

Term 2: Mon 1st July to Fri 19th July inclusive. 

Term 3: Mon 30th September to Mon 14th October inclusive.

Term 4: Thur 12th December 2024 Christmas holidays commence for students.


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